Earthtones 11-52 til akkustisk gitar

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Earthtones 11-52 til akkustisk gitar


Tilgjengelighet: Utsolgt

kr 155,00

Tilgjengelighet: Utsolgt


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Kerly Music - Earthtones 11-52 Cryogenic 'Coated' Acoustic Strings All of Kerly Music strings are seasoned through a patented metal tempering process that exposes them to minus 320F and plus 350F for 24 hours. Our treatment strengthens the string at the molecular level, ads tonal crispness, increases durability and dramatically resists corrosive elements that reduce the life and tone of your strings. Tuning is less frequent, and a smoother surface feel is created with stellar bendability. Our CYCLECOAT™ process uses repetitive Hot/Cold, Hot/Cold, Hot/Cold cycles that close up the microcracks that cause tonal loss and premature breakage. It’s the microcracks in normal strings that allow a string to go dead or break quickly. We close up the cracks and our strings counteract sweat, corrosion and quick breakage. Strings are all about metal, the type and how it interacts with your fingers. Normal strings are just that, normal. You can expect them to sound good right out of the package, but after a limited amount of time they usually lose their sound quality and some even break with hardly picking them a hundred times. Coated strings use expensive coatings that try to extend the sound quality of a string. This process is debated by many and coatings do not make a string "feel real" or last longer regarding to breakage. There are Cryogenic strings out there, which are defined by exposing the metal to extremely cold temperatures. Standard cryogenics does not show 100% proven scientific results. The only way to ensure more durability and extra wear resistance is to temper metal between both Hot and Cold. It’s the repetitive expansion and contraction of the metal, due to both temperatures, that change its structure giving it the added benefits. Kerly strings are tempered strings. Exposing them to minus 320F and plus 350F for 24 hours changes the way they sound, feel and last. Metal tempering has been used for centuries to improve the durability and wear resistance of metals. With Kerly music, You can be assured that you are playing strings with an exclusive metal tempering process used to capture the unique sound and durability of Kerly Music Strings. KQXA-1152


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