Vinci El-bass strenger 716 Light .040

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Vinci El-bass strenger 716 Light .040


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Her kan du gjøre et kupp på strenger til Bassgitar
Vi har kjøpt opp noe Vinci El-bass strenger i gammel forpakning som vi selger ut svært billig!


Vinci El-bass strenger 716 Round Wound Light .040 Long Scale 32" - 34" (810 - 860mm) .040 .060 .075 .095 Electric Bass Guitar Strings Made in the USA Vinci - We Taught the World How to Make Strings The Vinci Story The Vinci Strings story starts in 1953, when Amelio Vinci invented the first automated string-winding machine. This groundbreaking innovation eliminated manual processes and enhanced winding accuracy -- resulting in even string tension and consistently better sound. Vinci’s invention revolutionized the string industry. Today most manufacturers are still using the same automatic string-winding machines that Vinci developed fifty years ago. Meanwhile, Vinci Strings continues to differentiate itself with the quality and gauging of its strings. Vinci strings start with only the finest Swedish steel core wire available. Then they are wound with specially devised metals chosen to perfectly complement each type of stringed instrument, producing peerless tone quality and assuring long string life. Legendary string expertise is applied to the production of each type of Vinci String product. For example, our popular electric guitar strings feature nickel-plated wrap wire with a high iron content, producing a brighter, more vibrant sound. Our acoustic strings, on the other hand, are wound with phosphor bronze for a warm rich tone, or 80/20 brass which offers brightness and clarity. Vinci classical strings are prized by concert guitarists worldwide for their brilliance and responsiveness. Vinci employs the highest grade of Nugut nylon for the treble strings and pressure-wound silver and brass for the bass strings -- an elegant combination that delivers a level of excellence worthy of a concert hall. In addition, Vinci offers quality strings for electric and acoustic bass, violin, cello, banjo and mandolin. All our products are still manufactured in the U.S.A. with Vinci’s small shop craftsmanship and attention to detail, supported by world-class processes ensuring that strict quality control standards are met on every string. Vinci continues its tradition of innovation with the recent introduction of polymer-coated Xtra-Long Play strings, Stainless Chromium and Chromium Low Tune Strings, and Vinci’s renowned “Fresh Lock” hermetically-sealed packaging which guarantees extended string life, superior tone and longer sustain. For half a century, musicians around the globe have relied on Vinci Strings to enhance the tonal quality and sustain of their guitars and other stringed instruments. Try Vinci Strings yourself, and experience excellence in music.


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